Ideal for everyday makeup, smokey eye, glitter & pigments, mascara application and quick touch-ups.
Top 8 Reasons Why Eyeshadow Shields Are Helpful

	The ultimate multi-tasking beauty tool for applying individual lashes
	Protects under eye area from eye shadow fallout. 
	Creates straight edge for shadow.
	Helps perfect winged cat eye
	Aids in perfecting lipstick application
	Hands free -- Just Stick on and apply makeup
	Eliminates mess
	Gentle self adhesive stays in place while you apply makeup


Step 1: Remove top corners of backing and apply shield below the eye or desired area.
Step 2: Apply Makeup 
Step 3: When finished, gently remove shields and dispose.
Step 4: Hellloooo Fabulous !
*Each order contains 50 makeup shields

Eyeshadow/Makeup Shields