-Brown Henna doesn't stain the skin like other henna does instead it gives the raised look on your skin.


- This Henna was created for Brides. It will last few for days. You can use gilding powder and glitter to set henna paint in and to last longer.


-Clinically Tested!! No harmful Chemicals, no PPD, no Ammonia .


-We recommend that you do a patch test first to make sure you are not allergic to henna.



How to Apply Henna:


1. Wash the skin with soap & water. Make sure your skin is free from oil & lotion.


2. Hold the cone like you hold a pen. Take out the pin & save it for later. Cut a small portion at the tip of the cone. Squeeze some until henna comes out smoothly.


3. Create your design. There are numerous videos on YouTube and design templates available on Google for free. Henna reacts based on ones skin temperature.


4. Allow henna to dry completely. Apply the lemon +sugar mixture with a cotton.


5. Keep the design wrapped for 4-5 hours or overnight for darker desired color.


6. At first color output is orange. Don't panic this is normal. Depending on your skin temperature color gets darker within 24 hours. All henna cones are securely bubble wrapped and instructions on how to use henna cones will be mailed with your purchase.

Brown Henna - Body Art