Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply lashes?


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How should I clean my lashes?


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How do you take off the lashes?


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Can I reuse my fake eyelashes?


Definitely! Eyelashes can be used at least thrice, if handled with care. So, if you want to use them again, clean and store them properly. If handled correctly, they can be worn several times. To clean and store the false lashes, use a q-tip and eye makeup remover to clean off any remaining adhesive, eyeliner, or mascara. Then, store the lashes in the clamp shell packaging they came in.



When should I wear falsies; before or after applying makeup?

There is no specified order for applying makeup and wearing lashes. But girls usually apply a base to their eyelids first, then apply the lashes, and finish them with the eyeliner and mascara. To make it appear natural, to conceal the dry adhesive and fill in any gaps, don’t forget to blend the strip line with the liquid liner along your upper lids.  Darker shade liquid liner such as black, brown, or dark gray color are recommended.


Does Flutterfly Lashes Strip only come in one size?


Flutterfly Lashes eyelash strips come in one standard size as this allows you to custom trim them to fit your eyes.

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